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Submission: more-or-less-human

February 14, 2011 by more-or-less-human

I’ve been dyeing my hair red for a few years now and have avoided bleaching it the entire time. I use L’Oreal Excellence HiColor for dark hair (Sizzling Copper). I believe the instructions say to use 20 volume developer, but I use 30. 

As far as shampoo goes, I don’t use any fancy shampoo, but I wash my hair every other day in cold water and deep condition once a week. Regardless of what I do my colour fades in about two weeks to a golden red, but that’s just because I have stubborn hair. This picture was taken maybe 4 days after I redyed.

I get asked frequently if I’m a natural redhead. Apparently it looks more natural on me then my real hair colour, which I find amusing. XD


Submitted by more-or-less-human

Thanks for submitting! Your hair really does look natural :)

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